Collective Spaces is a shared costume shop for Twin Cities’ Costume Designers and Technicians, Textile Artists, Fine Artists, Home Stitchers, and students.  This affordable work space provides large cutting tables, industrial and domestic sewing machines, and a fitting area as well as much-needed labor through hiring and bartering with fellow Artists.

Meet the Collective: Judy HornbacherTulip DesignAmy Kaufman,  Dunwoody Industrial Sewing students and graduates,


Why A Shared-Costume Shop?  As a professional Costume Designer in the Twin Cities, I have learned firsthand how hard costuming is to do on your own.  Twin Cities Costumers do not have much support.  A Costumer pretty much designs, sews, dyes, shops, etc. the entire project.  I have found working with a team of people on a Costume Design so much more gratifying.  Sewing garments takes a lot of time and much creative problem solving under pressure and it is helpful to have others around to give you their ideas on how to solve your particular challenge. Collective Spaces is a place to connect, create, and learn from one anothe

Volunteers & Students  This space provides a place for people to come and learn from professionals in real work situations. Email Collective Spaces if interested in volunteering.

Artists This space also works well for Fine Artists, Textile Artists, and Puppeteers.   Many times Artists need an industrial sewing machine but don’t have the money to buy and do not use on a regular enough basis to invest in such a machine.  There are month-to-month rentals as well as a year membership option.

Classes:   See Classes Tab for more info.

Amy B. Kaufman

Founder & Manager

Collective Spaces